PF claim status | Online transfer withdrawal status EPFO

check pf claim status for popular cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Allahabad and Delhi through employees provident fund organisation website


How to check pf claim status (provident fund /epf)

For checking your epf balance or pf claim status. You need to keep ready for following three things.

  1.   Establishment code – Maximum 7 Digits
  2.   Extension – Maximum 3 Characters / Can be left blank in case no extension
  3.   Account Number – Maximum 7 Digits
  • Visit the employee’s provident Fund organisation epfo India website
  • Skip the Intro to go to the main page of epf website. You can find your regional epfo offices on that epf website.
  • You can find 2 sections on the main website. One is for employees and another for Employers.
  • On the employees’ provident fund section, you can find following services like
  1. Know epf balance status
  2. epf claim status
  3. Know your regional office
  4. Which forms to submit for pf withdrawal

NOTE: Articles declare about epf withdrawal status,  pf claim status, epf refund status

Also check EPf balance.

Note: if any corrections wrong details made then click on the reset button. If you enter the wrong details or such error message, check your details once again while pf balance check.

Tip: The epf number printed on pf passbook.

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Check pf withdrawal & transfer status

Process checking status same as epf balance check,

  1. Selection pf office state
  2. Choose regional office and click on that
  3. Enter your Pf number, code, extension (leave it you doesn’t have)
  4. Name and Mobile number submit to check your pf withdrawal or transfer refund status.

Use the following URL to check epfo claim status

We are going Provide direct Access to Popular cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

pf  claim status Chennai

  1. Click here for Chennai epf claim status.
  2. epf balance Chennai  

 Pf claim status Hyderabad

  1. Epf balance Hyderabad
  2. Hyderabad epf claim status

Pf claim status in Mumbai

  1. epf status enquiry balance Bandra  Thane, Mumbai-II
  2. pf status claim  -I, -II.

pf claim status

Establishment code epf Delhi find by above code search URL. The Delhi pf divided into south and north.

  1. epf Delhi north balance status, balance Link, Claim status link
  2. epf Delhi south claim, status   Claim, Balance
  3. For Laxmi Nagar, you select manually from above

epfo Bangalore claim status

  1. epf balance enquiry Bangalore  here,
  2. pf claim status Bangalore here.

EPF UAN Status & download passbook

Only members from October 2013 can register for UAN Number.

with UAN Number you can download /Update your passbook any time.

  1. Update your ID& Address details online.
  2. withdraw money without employer permission
  3. Download your UAN Card & pf passbook too.
  4. File a withdrawal request check claim status.
  5. you can view epf balance by UAN & password.

you need to have one of ID & Address Proof (voter id, passport, PAN and other etc.

UAN Generation by PF Account Number online


  1. First of all check UAN pf claim status at epfo portal, If UAN allotted to you by EPFO.
  2. Then You have to enter the following details, Name, DOB, Father/Husband name, Relationship, email Id and Phone Number.
  3. and click on GET PIN, and enter Received Pin to your mobile to authorise.
  4. you will get Request ID Your UAN will be available within 7 days from the request.
  5. Please check UAN if anyone else has this previously on epfo UAN members portal. there is a list of UAN members along with numbers available just enter your UAN number and click on search.

you can track UAN generation request status at epfo portal by Request ID.

UAN Activation Steps

  • Enter UAN Number, PF Number along with Mobile number.
  • fill the verification code and click to Activate UAN of PF office.
  • after activation process, you can track the status of UAN Number.

Steps to Track UAN Status

  1. Visit UAN members portal click on UAN status (,
  2. On UAN status checking page, you have to enter the details of EFPO office, PF number.
  3. Then click on check UAN Status button.
  4. IF UAN allotted to your PF Account then you can request UAN follow above process.


how to calculate provident fund India?

Provident fund calculation

Employees are eligible to apply for withdrawal after 6 months of service with a reputed employer. Employees need to apply After 60 days of rising with the current employer.

Also, make sure that the bank account working to get credit pf amount in the bank Account.

12.33% goes to Provident fund and 8333% goes to the Pension Fund.

If PF Salary is 10000/- UR PF deduction is 1200/- and employer PF Contribution is 1200 and out of 2400, Rs. 541 8.33% of Rs.6500) goes to the pension fund and the rest of 1859 goes to Provident Fund.

KYC status

  • CDSL Ventures Ltd. (CVL):
  • CAMS Investor Services Pvt. (CISPL):

lic nav
What is public provident fund (PPF)?

Public provident fund scheme introduced by the national ministry of finance in the year 1968 to encourage small savings for small returns and tax saving benefits.

You can learn more about Public provident fund ppf on
other questions

how to find nearest PF office in your area?

Pf regional branches list available pf organisation India website, simply select your state and city results will appear and contact them with the phone number or by Address mentioned

In Hyderabad Area epf office located at BarkatPura signal 2 km away from Narayaguda and kachiguda.

is PF passbook mandatory for checking balance and claim status?

No need because it’s automatically aggregated your epf number with the combination of your phone umber and name DOB.

EPf claim status at

And epf transfer status may have a similar meaning and you can check for only at one place.

  • For checking Epf balance or Pf status, click on the epf balance at
  • Read the instructions on  look at the upper bottom of the page one red indicated message appear a click here to check your epf balance.
  • Click on that word you will redirect you a new page and there you can select your state or search for establishing codes on
  1. Select your State,
  2. Select your EPFO Office (click on the office name),
  3. You have entered the Establishment code if doesn’t know you can search by your Pincode, Office name or office code, also part of your Establishment code or by your name also.
  4. Enter extension leave blank if your PF office doesn’t have.
  5. the Last digit Enter your PF Number 4-7 Digits
  6. Enter Name (as appears EPF Slip),
  7. Enter your mobile Number,
  8. Click on Agree,
  9. Then Submit to see your pf balance.

Check your provident fund status from

  1. epfo claim status,
  2. Epf withdrawal Forms download,
  3. epfo login UAN status,
  4. epf balance.

know your pf claim status online

Simple steps to claim your EPF claim status through online facility all over India including Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat through claim id.

Through the online facility, you can check the EPF claim status. The online is the good way to check or claim your EPF status via the online official site. Here the guidelines help you how to check the EPF status through online. You have to know the own EPF account number and region of EPF office where you employ and continuing your account.

3 easy Steps to check or know EPF claim status:-

  • Enter the official site at in the address bar.
  • In the site, the page displays the number of contents.
  • You just click the second option of “know your EPF claim status”.
  • Then click that content.
  • Now select the state where you’re working registered PF office is located.
  • For instance: if the employee working in the reputed company then the company registered office is at Bangalore. So you select the state Karnataka.
  • Then the site will display the number of regions name with office code and office name.
  • Now select your appropriate office name where the firm maintains the worker EPF accounts.
  • If you do not get the exact details then you go to the option region name and find EPF office name. This can show the correct location of the employee’s office.
  • Click the office name. Then the site will ask the employee’s EPF account number or Employee provident fund.
  • Now enter your number entered as seen in the pay slip.
  • After completing the details in the empty fields and click submit button.
  • Now you see your EPF account status with information like form status and claim ID in the web page.
  • Now you know the method of checking pf claim status through online.

Some benefits of EPF by checking early:-

If you have any special events have on your family or other emergency situations. No other needs to go for the lender or others just use the EPF fund amount to solve your issues. If the employee suffers any medical emergency or other need of treatment. The employee can easily withdraw around six times in the salary or the complete payment. The funds also used for their individual purpose or family treatment. The education needs to pay the fees for the use of this fund or another marriage event and other reasons check pf claim status early. Make use of the EPF fund and arrange your marriage well but you have to provide the documents or marriage card.

know your EPF claim status online at official EPFO