Know your TAN number status jurisdiction by name and DOB PAN / TAN Status track online

Know your TAN

TAN refers to tax deduction and collection account number. In India TAN is given as a ten digit alpha-numerical number, this is issued to the person who has to deduct or collect taxes on payment made by them as per the Income Tax act of India, 1961. The TDS or tax deducted at source on payment made by assesses will be deposited under TAN and this will allow assesses, who received payment to claim tax deducted on their income tax return. It is very important to know your TAN number status; The TAN has to be applied through the form 49B as prescribed under the Indian income tax law. The form that is filled in can be submitted online from the NSDL website or at the TIN – FC.

Know your TAN number status jurisdiction by name and DOB PAN  / TAN Status track online

Know your TAN number

You have to quote your TAN number in all the TDS or TCS returns, TDS payment challans and in TCS payment challans. For this purpose, it is highly essential to know your TAN registration number. The TDS or the TCS will not accept if you don’t quote your TAN number for the TDS and TCS payment at banks. If you don’t have a TAN or don’t apply for the TAN you will be levied a fine of Rs. 10000. When you are applying for the TAN you needn’t submit any documents, however, if you are applying online for TAN you have to take a print out of the acknowledgement and submit the same to the NSDL, the detail information of TAN number status and guidelines of the procedure are mentioned in the NSDL website. The application form has to be accompanied along with an address proof; you will receive your TAN number from the NSDL within few days.

Know your TAN no by name

Once you have submitted the online application form, you will know your TAN number status from the online website, you have to simply mention your application number and the website will inform your TAN number status, the department will allocate a unique alphanumeric number and this is your TAN number on your name. You can get this information from the status of TAN- NSDL from the official website of the income tax department India.

Know your TAN jurisdiction


It is not only important but also mandatory to know the AO code for mentioning it in your TAN application. You have to know your TAN jurisdiction, the AO code under which the application jurisdiction falls has to be picked by the applicant. The applicant has to very carefully pick the AO code; you can refer to the website and know the jurisdiction or contact the income tax department to know the same. The applicant has to provide the AO code and this information can be obtained from the IT office, the AO code is the combination of an area code, range code, AO number and AO type. The applicant can search for the AO code from the AO code search box by selecting the city wherein they want to file their TDS returns.

Track your PAN/TAN Application Status