Home loan emi calculator SBI LIC housing excel formula

Home loan emi calculator

You can’t take loans as such without predicting or knowing the terms of repayment. The amount that you borrow mainly as a home loan will be a huge sum of amount and hence you should be aware of the monthly payment that you have to make for the same. These days this complicated procedure of calculating the emi is done by the various banks and financial institutions and given in their website. Thehome loan emi calculator will help you to know the amount that you have to repay monthly when you are borrowing a certain sum of amount as home loan. The equated monthly instalment will come to be very handy mainly when you are taking a home loan package. This is a method that will make your payment zero when you keep paying the equated monthly instalment as per the agreed terms for the principal amount borrowed by you.

SBI home loan emi calculator 2015

There are many banks and private financial institutions that offer the home loan for the people. The website of the bank will have the emi table from where you can know the amount of emi that has to be paid for a sum of amount taken as home loan from the bank. When you want to know the home loan emi calculator SBI you have merely go to the home page of the bank and search for home loan emi, you will have to enter the amount that you are applying for home loan package along with the interest that you are eligible for. The table will immediately state and display the emi that you have to pay and the respective months. At the end of the last month your emi will become zero and your loan will become nil.


LIC home loan emi calculator

The life insurance corporation is also dealing with the home loan package provision; the emi for the LIC may be slightly different from that of the other banks or institutions. LIC provides housing finance and you can know the LIC home loan emi calculator online. For knowing the emi you have to visit the website, fill the loan amount, interest rate and the tenure of the loan. And within few seconds you will know the emi of the said amount. The emi will differ based on the term and interest that you pick up even though the principal amount may be same.

Loan Eligibility Calculator  http://www.lichousing.com/eligibility_calc.php


Home loan emi calculation in  excel

Normally the home loan emi is calculated using the various formulas, to simply this process of calculation, there are some sites that give the home loan emi calculator excel, you have to simply download this excel sheet from the site and fill the respective columns and rows. Once done the excel sheet that calculates the emi will display the amount of emi that has to be paid monthly and the term of the period and so on. All the formula is built-in and you will know the amount instantly within seconds.

Formula is very simple loan priciple amount + interest amount / duration =EMI per month

Bank/Lender:State Bank of India
Loan Amount :Rs. 17,90,000Interest Rate :9.35% 
Tenure :15 yearsEMI:Rs. 18,530
Processing Fee :Rs. 7,205
Month #MonthBeginning Loan BalanceEMIMonthly InterestPrincipal repaidOutstanding Loan Amount
1Sep-2016Rs. 17,90,000Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,947Rs. 4,583Rs. 17,85,417
2Oct-2016Rs. 17,85,417Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,911Rs. 4,619Rs. 17,80,799
3Nov-2016Rs. 17,80,799Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,875Rs. 4,655Rs. 17,76,144
4Dec-2016Rs. 17,76,144Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,839Rs. 4,691Rs. 17,71,453
5Jan-2017Rs. 17,71,453Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,803Rs. 4,727Rs. 17,66,726
6Feb-2017Rs. 17,66,726Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,766Rs. 4,764Rs. 17,61,962
7Mar-2017Rs. 17,61,962Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,729Rs. 4,801Rs. 17,57,160
8Apr-2017Rs. 17,57,160Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,691Rs. 4,839Rs. 17,52,322
9May-2017Rs. 17,52,322Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,654Rs. 4,876Rs. 17,47,445
10Jun-2017Rs. 17,47,445Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,616Rs. 4,914Rs. 17,42,531
11Jul-2017Rs. 17,42,531Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,577Rs. 4,953Rs. 17,37,578
12Aug-2017Rs. 17,37,578Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,539Rs. 4,991Rs. 17,32,587
13Sep-2017Rs. 17,32,587Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,500Rs. 5,030Rs. 17,27,556
14Oct-2017Rs. 17,27,556Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,461Rs. 5,069Rs. 17,22,487
15Nov-2017Rs. 17,22,487Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,421Rs. 5,109Rs. 17,17,378
16Dec-2017Rs. 17,17,378Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,381Rs. 5,149Rs. 17,12,229
17Jan-2018Rs. 17,12,229Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,341Rs. 5,189Rs. 17,07,041
18Feb-2018Rs. 17,07,041Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,301Rs. 5,229Rs. 17,01,811
19Mar-2018Rs. 17,01,811Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,260Rs. 5,270Rs. 16,96,541
20Apr-2018Rs. 16,96,541Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,219Rs. 5,311Rs. 16,91,230
21May-2018Rs. 16,91,230Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,178Rs. 5,352Rs. 16,85,878
22Jun-2018Rs. 16,85,878Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,136Rs. 5,394Rs. 16,80,484
23Jul-2018Rs. 16,80,484Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,094Rs. 5,436Rs. 16,75,047
24Aug-2018Rs. 16,75,047Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,051Rs. 5,479Rs. 16,69,569
25Sep-2018Rs. 16,69,569Rs. 18,530Rs. 13,009Rs. 5,521Rs. 16,64,048
26Oct-2018Rs. 16,64,048Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,966Rs. 5,564Rs. 16,58,483
27Nov-2018Rs. 16,58,483Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,922Rs. 5,608Rs. 16,52,876
28Dec-2018Rs. 16,52,876Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,879Rs. 5,651Rs. 16,47,225
29Jan-2019Rs. 16,47,225Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,835Rs. 5,695Rs. 16,41,529
30Feb-2019Rs. 16,41,529Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,790Rs. 5,740Rs. 16,35,790
31Mar-2019Rs. 16,35,790Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,746Rs. 5,784Rs. 16,30,005
32Apr-2019Rs. 16,30,005Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,700Rs. 5,829Rs. 16,24,176
33May-2019Rs. 16,24,176Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,655Rs. 5,875Rs. 16,18,301
34Jun-2019Rs. 16,18,301Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,609Rs. 5,921Rs. 16,12,380
35Jul-2019Rs. 16,12,380Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,563Rs. 5,967Rs. 16,06,413
36Aug-2019Rs. 16,06,413Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,517Rs. 6,013Rs. 16,00,400
37Sep-2019Rs. 16,00,400Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,470Rs. 6,060Rs. 15,94,340
38Oct-2019Rs. 15,94,340Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,423Rs. 6,107Rs. 15,88,232
39Nov-2019Rs. 15,88,232Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,375Rs. 6,155Rs. 15,82,077
40Dec-2019Rs. 15,82,077Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,327Rs. 6,203Rs. 15,75,875
41Jan-2020Rs. 15,75,875Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,279Rs. 6,251Rs. 15,69,623
42Feb-2020Rs. 15,69,623Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,230Rs. 6,300Rs. 15,63,323
43Mar-2020Rs. 15,63,323Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,181Rs. 6,349Rs. 15,56,974
44Apr-2020Rs. 15,56,974Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,131Rs. 6,399Rs. 15,50,576
45May-2020Rs. 15,50,576Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,082Rs. 6,448Rs. 15,44,127
46Jun-2020Rs. 15,44,127Rs. 18,530Rs. 12,031Rs. 6,499Rs. 15,37,629
47Jul-2020Rs. 15,37,629Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,981Rs. 6,549Rs. 15,31,079
48Aug-2020Rs. 15,31,079Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,930Rs. 6,600Rs. 15,24,479
49Sep-2020Rs. 15,24,479Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,878Rs. 6,652Rs. 15,17,827
50Oct-2020Rs. 15,17,827Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,826Rs. 6,704Rs. 15,11,124
51Nov-2020Rs. 15,11,124Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,774Rs. 6,756Rs. 15,04,368
52Dec-2020Rs. 15,04,368Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,722Rs. 6,808Rs. 14,97,560
53Jan-2021Rs. 14,97,560Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,668Rs. 6,861Rs. 14,90,698
54Feb-2021Rs. 14,90,698Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,615Rs. 6,915Rs. 14,83,783
55Mar-2021Rs. 14,83,783Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,561Rs. 6,969Rs. 14,76,815
56Apr-2021Rs. 14,76,815Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,507Rs. 7,023Rs. 14,69,791
57May-2021Rs. 14,69,791Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,452Rs. 7,078Rs. 14,62,714
58Jun-2021Rs. 14,62,714Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,397Rs. 7,133Rs. 14,55,581
59Jul-2021Rs. 14,55,581Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,341Rs. 7,189Rs. 14,48,392
60Aug-2021Rs. 14,48,392Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,285Rs. 7,245Rs. 14,41,148
61Sep-2021Rs. 14,41,148Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,229Rs. 7,301Rs. 14,33,847
62Oct-2021Rs. 14,33,847Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,172Rs. 7,358Rs. 14,26,489
63Nov-2021Rs. 14,26,489Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,115Rs. 7,415Rs. 14,19,073
64Dec-2021Rs. 14,19,073Rs. 18,530Rs. 11,057Rs. 7,473Rs. 14,11,600
65Jan-2022Rs. 14,11,600Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,999Rs. 7,531Rs. 14,04,069
66Feb-2022Rs. 14,04,069Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,940Rs. 7,590Rs. 13,96,479
67Mar-2022Rs. 13,96,479Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,881Rs. 7,649Rs. 13,88,830
68Apr-2022Rs. 13,88,830Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,821Rs. 7,709Rs. 13,81,122
69May-2022Rs. 13,81,122Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,761Rs. 7,769Rs. 13,73,353
70Jun-2022Rs. 13,73,353Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,701Rs. 7,829Rs. 13,65,524
71Jul-2022Rs. 13,65,524Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,640Rs. 7,890Rs. 13,57,633
72Aug-2022Rs. 13,57,633Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,578Rs. 7,952Rs. 13,49,682
73Sep-2022Rs. 13,49,682Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,516Rs. 8,014Rs. 13,41,668
74Oct-2022Rs. 13,41,668Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,454Rs. 8,076Rs. 13,33,592
75Nov-2022Rs. 13,33,592Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,391Rs. 8,139Rs. 13,25,453
76Dec-2022Rs. 13,25,453Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,327Rs. 8,202Rs. 13,17,250
77Jan-2023Rs. 13,17,250Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,264Rs. 8,266Rs. 13,08,984
78Feb-2023Rs. 13,08,984Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,199Rs. 8,331Rs. 13,00,653
79Mar-2023Rs. 13,00,653Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,134Rs. 8,396Rs. 12,92,258
80Apr-2023Rs. 12,92,258Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,069Rs. 8,461Rs. 12,83,797
81May-2023Rs. 12,83,797Rs. 18,530Rs. 10,003Rs. 8,527Rs. 12,75,269
82Jun-2023Rs. 12,75,269Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,936Rs. 8,593Rs. 12,66,676
83Jul-2023Rs. 12,66,676Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,870Rs. 8,660Rs. 12,58,016
84Aug-2023Rs. 12,58,016Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,802Rs. 8,728Rs. 12,49,288
85Sep-2023Rs. 12,49,288Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,734Rs. 8,796Rs. 12,40,492
86Oct-2023Rs. 12,40,492Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,665Rs. 8,864Rs. 12,31,627
87Nov-2023Rs. 12,31,627Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,596Rs. 8,934Rs. 12,22,694
88Dec-2023Rs. 12,22,694Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,527Rs. 9,003Rs. 12,13,691
89Jan-2024Rs. 12,13,691Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,457Rs. 9,073Rs. 12,04,617
90Feb-2024Rs. 12,04,617Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,386Rs. 9,144Rs. 11,95,473
91Mar-2024Rs. 11,95,473Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,315Rs. 9,215Rs. 11,86,258
92Apr-2024Rs. 11,86,258Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,243Rs. 9,287Rs. 11,76,971
93May-2024Rs. 11,76,971Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,171Rs. 9,359Rs. 11,67,612
94Jun-2024Rs. 11,67,612Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,098Rs. 9,432Rs. 11,58,180
95Jul-2024Rs. 11,58,180Rs. 18,530Rs. 9,024Rs. 9,506Rs. 11,48,674
96Aug-2024Rs. 11,48,674Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,950Rs. 9,580Rs. 11,39,094
97Sep-2024Rs. 11,39,094Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,875Rs. 9,655Rs. 11,29,439
98Oct-2024Rs. 11,29,439Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,800Rs. 9,730Rs. 11,19,710
99Nov-2024Rs. 11,19,710Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,724Rs. 9,806Rs. 11,09,904
100Dec-2024Rs. 11,09,904Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,648Rs. 9,882Rs. 11,00,022
101Jan-2025Rs. 11,00,022Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,571Rs. 9,959Rs. 10,90,063
102Feb-2025Rs. 10,90,063Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,493Rs. 10,037Rs. 10,80,027
103Mar-2025Rs. 10,80,027Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,415Rs. 10,115Rs. 10,69,912
104Apr-2025Rs. 10,69,912Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,336Rs. 10,194Rs. 10,59,718
105May-2025Rs. 10,59,718Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,257Rs. 10,273Rs. 10,49,445
106Jun-2025Rs. 10,49,445Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,177Rs. 10,353Rs. 10,39,092
107Jul-2025Rs. 10,39,092Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,096Rs. 10,434Rs. 10,28,659
108Aug-2025Rs. 10,28,659Rs. 18,530Rs. 8,015Rs. 10,515Rs. 10,18,144
109Sep-2025Rs. 10,18,144Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,933Rs. 10,597Rs. 10,07,547
110Oct-2025Rs. 10,07,547Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,850Rs. 10,679Rs. 9,96,867
111Nov-2025Rs. 9,96,867Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,767Rs. 10,763Rs. 9,86,105
112Dec-2025Rs. 9,86,105Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,683Rs. 10,847Rs. 9,75,258
113Jan-2026Rs. 9,75,258Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,599Rs. 10,931Rs. 9,64,327
114Feb-2026Rs. 9,64,327Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,514Rs. 11,016Rs. 9,53,311
115Mar-2026Rs. 9,53,311Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,428Rs. 11,102Rs. 9,42,209
116Apr-2026Rs. 9,42,209Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,341Rs. 11,189Rs. 9,31,020
117May-2026Rs. 9,31,020Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,254Rs. 11,276Rs. 9,19,744
118Jun-2026Rs. 9,19,744Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,166Rs. 11,364Rs. 9,08,381
119Jul-2026Rs. 9,08,381Rs. 18,530Rs. 7,078Rs. 11,452Rs. 8,96,929
120Aug-2026Rs. 8,96,929Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,989Rs. 11,541Rs. 8,85,387
121Sep-2026Rs. 8,85,387Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,899Rs. 11,631Rs. 8,73,756
122Oct-2026Rs. 8,73,756Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,808Rs. 11,722Rs. 8,62,034
123Nov-2026Rs. 8,62,034Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,717Rs. 11,813Rs. 8,50,221
124Dec-2026Rs. 8,50,221Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,625Rs. 11,905Rs. 8,38,315
125Jan-2027Rs. 8,38,315Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,532Rs. 11,998Rs. 8,26,317
126Feb-2027Rs. 8,26,317Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,438Rs. 12,092Rs. 8,14,226
127Mar-2027Rs. 8,14,226Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,344Rs. 12,186Rs. 8,02,040
128Apr-2027Rs. 8,02,040Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,249Rs. 12,281Rs. 7,89,759
129May-2027Rs. 7,89,759Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,154Rs. 12,376Rs. 7,77,383
130Jun-2027Rs. 7,77,383Rs. 18,530Rs. 6,057Rs. 12,473Rs. 7,64,910
131Jul-2027Rs. 7,64,910Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,960Rs. 12,570Rs. 7,52,340
132Aug-2027Rs. 7,52,340Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,862Rs. 12,668Rs. 7,39,672
133Sep-2027Rs. 7,39,672Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,763Rs. 12,767Rs. 7,26,905
134Oct-2027Rs. 7,26,905Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,664Rs. 12,866Rs. 7,14,039
135Nov-2027Rs. 7,14,039Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,564Rs. 12,966Rs. 7,01,073
136Dec-2027Rs. 7,01,073Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,463Rs. 13,067Rs. 6,88,006
137Jan-2028Rs. 6,88,006Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,361Rs. 13,169Rs. 6,74,836
138Feb-2028Rs. 6,74,836Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,258Rs. 13,272Rs. 6,61,564
139Mar-2028Rs. 6,61,564Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,155Rs. 13,375Rs. 6,48,189
140Apr-2028Rs. 6,48,189Rs. 18,530Rs. 5,050Rs. 13,479Rs. 6,34,710
141May-2028Rs. 6,34,710Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,945Rs. 13,584Rs. 6,21,125
142Jun-2028Rs. 6,21,125Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,840Rs. 13,690Rs. 6,07,435
143Jul-2028Rs. 6,07,435Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,733Rs. 13,797Rs. 5,93,638
144Aug-2028Rs. 5,93,638Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,625Rs. 13,905Rs. 5,79,733
145Sep-2028Rs. 5,79,733Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,517Rs. 14,013Rs. 5,65,720
146Oct-2028Rs. 5,65,720Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,408Rs. 14,122Rs. 5,51,598
147Nov-2028Rs. 5,51,598Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,298Rs. 14,232Rs. 5,37,366
148Dec-2028Rs. 5,37,366Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,187Rs. 14,343Rs. 5,23,023
149Jan-2029Rs. 5,23,023Rs. 18,530Rs. 4,075Rs. 14,455Rs. 5,08,569
150Feb-2029Rs. 5,08,569Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,963Rs. 14,567Rs. 4,94,001
151Mar-2029Rs. 4,94,001Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,849Rs. 14,681Rs. 4,79,320
152Apr-2029Rs. 4,79,320Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,735Rs. 14,795Rs. 4,64,525
153May-2029Rs. 4,64,525Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,619Rs. 14,911Rs. 4,49,615
154Jun-2029Rs. 4,49,615Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,503Rs. 15,027Rs. 4,34,588
155Jul-2029Rs. 4,34,588Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,386Rs. 15,144Rs. 4,19,444
156Aug-2029Rs. 4,19,444Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,268Rs. 15,262Rs. 4,04,182
157Sep-2029Rs. 4,04,182Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,149Rs. 15,381Rs. 3,88,802
158Oct-2029Rs. 3,88,802Rs. 18,530Rs. 3,029Rs. 15,501Rs. 3,73,301
159Nov-2029Rs. 3,73,301Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,909Rs. 15,621Rs. 3,57,680
160Dec-2029Rs. 3,57,680Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,787Rs. 15,743Rs. 3,41,937
161Jan-2030Rs. 3,41,937Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,664Rs. 15,866Rs. 3,26,071
162Feb-2030Rs. 3,26,071Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,541Rs. 15,989Rs. 3,10,082
163Mar-2030Rs. 3,10,082Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,416Rs. 16,114Rs. 2,93,968
164Apr-2030Rs. 2,93,968Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,291Rs. 16,239Rs. 2,77,729
165May-2030Rs. 2,77,729Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,164Rs. 16,366Rs. 2,61,363
166Jun-2030Rs. 2,61,363Rs. 18,530Rs. 2,036Rs. 16,493Rs. 2,44,869
167Jul-2030Rs. 2,44,869Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,908Rs. 16,622Rs. 2,28,247
168Aug-2030Rs. 2,28,247Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,778Rs. 16,752Rs. 2,11,496
169Sep-2030Rs. 2,11,496Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,648Rs. 16,882Rs. 1,94,614
170Oct-2030Rs. 1,94,614Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,516Rs. 17,014Rs. 1,77,600
171Nov-2030Rs. 1,77,600Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,384Rs. 17,146Rs. 1,60,454
172Dec-2030Rs. 1,60,454Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,250Rs. 17,280Rs. 1,43,174
173Jan-2031Rs. 1,43,174Rs. 18,530Rs. 1,116Rs. 17,414Rs. 1,25,760
174Feb-2031Rs. 1,25,760Rs. 18,530Rs. 980Rs. 17,550Rs. 1,08,210
175Mar-2031Rs. 1,08,210Rs. 18,530Rs. 843Rs. 17,687Rs. 90,523
176Apr-2031Rs. 90,523Rs. 18,530Rs. 705Rs. 17,825Rs. 72,698
177May-2031Rs. 72,698Rs. 18,530Rs. 566Rs. 17,964Rs. 54,735
178Jun-2031Rs. 54,735Rs. 18,530Rs. 426Rs. 18,103Rs. 36,631
179Jul-2031Rs. 36,631Rs. 18,530Rs. 285Rs. 18,245Rs. 18,387
180Aug-2031Rs. 18,387Rs. 18,530Rs. 143Rs. 18,387Rs. 0

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