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check your e- challan,  e-challan status of Hyderabad traffic police, Cyberabad traffic police echallan.org. AP traffic police E-challan status of Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada traffic challan, and Telangana states.


Hyderabad traffic challan status echallan.org

Quick process for Traffic challan status & payment TS & Ap

  • visit echallan.org or check from below options middle of the post.
  • Enter your vehicle number and check your pending challans or if you got challan to home.
  • Then you can manually offline through e-seva (my favourite option for paying Hyderabad traffic e-challan pending amount. 
  • also, you can pay through online we mentioned clearly below for paying HTP challan bills online.


  1. You can check Hyderabad traffic police challan only on echallan.org. by  Entering your vehicle registration number AP09BA00001.
  2. You can Find Details like below. Echallan No, Date, Time, Place of Violation, Traffic PS Limits, Violation, Fine Amt, Tot.Fine Amount, Total Charges, Image.
  3. Sometimes image Available at Nearest Ps.
  4. Make sure to check both Hyderabad and Hyderabad because of my vehicle got Fined in 2011 200 rupees for signal Jumping. it displaying on Hyderabad e-challan website.
  5. But Cyberabad under cover Area I am staying at Ramanthapur vehicle also registered under This Area.
  6. I got challan about wrong place parking on Beside HPs Hyderabad public School Rramanthapur Fine Rs 170/- Rupees.
  7. Be sure to ensure your vehicle registration RTO office for checking of both Hyderabad and Cyberabad traffic challan status.
  8. I have totally paid in 5 years for a Honda Aviator 805 and 370 in Due.
  9. We have to pay Fine Amount+ 35 Rupees Extra as user charges.

For Hyderabad use this URL http://www.echallan.org/publicview/

NEW Hyderabad Traffic Rules Telangana

  1. Without helmet first time 100 Rupees, 2nd time 500 Rupees, 3rdtime 5000INR or legal case
  2. without driving licence legal case on both driver & vehicle owner vehicle will be ceased.

Driving licence revoked by Traffic police for repeated violations.

  • If a person violates 12 points in traffic rules then his driving licence will be cancelled for 1 year.2nd time he crossed 12 points 5 years restriction on driving licence. 3rd time violation cost permanent ban on driving licence.
  • Traffic rules as points without helemet-3, without driving licence & vehicle papers-3, wrong route – 5 points. signal jumping 2 points.


if you want to buy a helmet in Hyderabad. then look at our review & recommendation on helmets.

Updated on Aril 3rd 2016.

Hyderabad traffic challan htp.gov.in

Hyderabad traffic fine rates 2015-16

  1. without RC-Rs, 1000
  2. Drive without Insurance -Rs, 300
  3. Maintain without PUC (Pollution under control) -Rs, 300
  4. Drive without driving license -Rs, 300
  5. Persons drive without a helmet -Rs, 100
  6. Wrong parking  -up to Rs, 1000
  7. Singal Jumping -Rs, 1000
  8. triple riding fine in Hyderabad

is helmet compulsory in Hyderabad?

yes, it compulsory from march 2016 onwards.

Hyderabad Traffic Fines rates (ALL over Telangana)

below are draft status prescribed by the central government.

  1. No Helmet 500 Rupees
  2. No Driving Licence, RC, Insurance 10,000/-
  3. Mobile talking while Driving 5,000/-
  4. Drink and Drive 2,500/-
These are Now in Draft status Ordered by central government Of India.

Hyderabad traffic challan Telangana

Interesting facts about traffic challans in Hyderabad,
Daily new traffic challans generated by traffic rules violations
Daily accidents in Hyderabad by two wheeler Four wheelers, Main reason drink and drive,  time of accidents night Percentage of challans clears online,

What happens if you are neglected traffic challans in the span one year you may catch by traffic police may be minimum once compulsory?

The fine amount  made you equal to documents

  1. Insurance policy 700-1000 for the year term based on two-wheelers, But 4 wheelers it takes 4-7000 depending upon the vehicle value, and manufactured year.
  2. Pollution control papers 40 rupees for 6 months,
  3. RC registration 1300 Rupees certificate comes along with the vehicle you can renewal after 15 years.
  4. Driving Licence

Many of our neglect driving license,  but you can get driving license 2, 4 wheelers with 625 rupees only legally, illegal 2,500/-, with Monthly car driving 4000-6000

Getting driving license in Hyderabad process

Same amount applicable for 2 wheelers also all you need to get learning license by identifying traffic symbols online test at RTO office for this you have to pay 60 rupees online or offline 90-100 rupees with id and address proof,
If you don’t have any proper address proof provide your current month power bill, if you are not received you may contact RTO office directly.
RTA Uppal for driving test and RTA Malak pet for learning test,

Actually, I got learner license by paying 400 rupees to broker and 100 rupees for registration without writing online.

Check your e-challan status TS AP State from below

Please be Patient while window opens

Telangana Cyberabad traffic challan

For checking Cyberabad traffic police e-challan online, you need to visit the same website which e challan.org. Simply enter your Vehicle registration Number and Check your traffic challans monthly wise. we already get e-challan to home manually. but we want to pay online for traffic e-challan but presently no information about it. you may read above.

for checking Cyberabad traffic police challan go here http://www.echallan.org/cybpublicview/

Cyberabad e-challan here

 e challan telangana status payment

AP traffic police e-challan status Visakhapatnam

Vijayawada traffic challan

AP traffic police e-challan status Vijayawada 

Enter 10-Digit Vehicle Number

How to pay online e challan Hyderabad traffic fines?
Online payment for EChallan not available for SBI internet banking, also not available Through credit card/debit card.
Unfortunately, There is Hyderabad traffic police payment service not Available on an e-seva page right Now.
So we must pay manually by visiting nearest E-Seva centre.
But Lot of people really do not have time to pay manually in these busy days.
if any paying online please share your experience here. I tried both Ap Online mee-Seva but in the billers list not the present traffic challan payment option.

E-challan payment online SBI Hyderabad, 

Good News To pay challan by online net banking
  • Select any challan you wish to pay & click on Net Banking option
  • You will be redirected to a page which displays 3 gateways ( Tech Process, SBH & ICICI ) with their logos & the list of banks they offer
  • Please look for your bank in the list of banks displayed beside the Gateways & Select the Gateway which has your bank

Hyderaabd Traffic challan payment process 2 Hyderaabd Traffic challan payment process 1

  • ICICI Account holders can pay their challans through the link provided below ICICI logo without any extra service charges.
  • Please do not forget to note the Reference no generated before Proceeding to Payment
  • You can check the traffic challan status by clicking Transaction status button.
  • If the money is debited from your account & the same is not reflected on our site, you can check the status by clicking Transaction status button beside Make e-challan Payment button.
  • And If the transaction was successful at the bank, it gets reflected on our site immediately & you will get the receipt for the same
  • Money once debited will not be refunded.
  • For any queries please contact Traffic e-Challan branch ( 040-27852721 )
  • How to track traffic challan Hyderabad demonstration

Traffic symbols

we will update about traffic signals shortly for those who are not learned through learner driving license.

Hyderabad traffic challan due & payment process


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